While strolling through Great Neck one day…

The last few years have been pretty dismal for Great Neck’s restaurant scene with closure after closure of restaurants, some of them great ones. But slowly, new entrants like Village Asian Fusion, Krung Tep Thai, and others have been popping up.

While strolling around town the other day, we bumped across a few interesting sights.

The first happened when strolling by the train station around the Wychwood Apartments, where the old Carousel sushi restaurant used to be. We saw this sign.


Looking in the windows, it looks like Katerina’s is just about to open–the interior design is set, and we saw all the tables set up with full table settings and silverware. They’ve pushed back their opening day a few times, but you can get the definitive announcement on their Facebook page when it happens.

Walking by Middle Neck Road, we came across this sign where the old hair salon had been.


Now probably a year or two back by now, I remember reading how the owner of the Rose Tea House in Flushing was planning on opening an authentic English Tea place in Great Neck. As someone fell in love with the concept of High Tea since I visited London a while back, I couldn’t have been more excited. But then, months and months went by when we heard nothing. But seeing this sign, it looks like they’re actively building the tea house, which I’m very much looking forward to. We lost bakeries like Bruce’s and Jean Marie Patisserie. Cafe Benne is okay, but as you’ll read when I review it, the style of the bakery goods isn’t completely to my taste. But if Royal Tea House is what I hope it is, it’ll be one of the hot new hangout spots in Great Neck.

I looked inside and here’s where construction is right now.


Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can enjoy afternoon tea there.

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