The Five Continents (Great Neck Gourmet) Is Closing :(

In another sad closing for Great Neck, The Five Continents at 62 Middle Neck Road is closing their doors. The had just recently changed their name to “Great Neck Gourmet”, but that doesn’t seem to have been enough to keep them afloat.

This was one of those “old fashioned” stores where you could buy grains, nuts, cheese, coffee, and other goods. It’s truly sad to see them go, but I guess it’s sorts of a sign of the times as small businesses continually get squeezed by big box retailers and online shopping. Although with so many storefronts on Middle Neck Road that have been vacant for months, from the old Bruce’s to the old Pancho’s, I really have to wonder if some of them could have been given a little bit of a longer leash by their landlords before getting the boot.

While it’s too late for this store, please remember to support local businesses you like before we lose them too. I’m thinking of stores like Jesse Halpern Skate and Tennis Shop where the remember how it “used to be done”.

It looks like The 5 Continents’ entire stock is on sale for 50% off as they clear out the contents of their store. Be sure to stop by, and while you’re at it, say thanks to the owners for their many years of service to the community and wish them the best for the future.

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