Say it ain’t so…Miraku is closed :(

Miraku was one of the more exciting restaurants to hit Great Neck in a while. So much so that it made it to #4 of our Top 10 List of Great Neck eateries. As I wrote in my review, it boasted some of the freshest sushi in town, as well some really innovative tapas.

Sadly, as I was driving down Middle Neck Road, I saw a FOR RENT sign in the window. Sure enough, I looked it up on and they confirmed that Miraku has closed its doors for good.

Sadly, Great Neck seems to be becoming a more and more difficult place to keep a restaurant running. Just in this space alone, we’ve seen the demise of several restaurants in the last few years, from Banyan Asian Fusion to Dino’s Restaurant and Lounge to Great Neck Steak House to Pulcinella. This seems to be the Bermuda Triangle of Great Neck restaurants–restaurants open but don’t stay open on that corner.

What set Miraku apart from all these other restaurants is that the reviews were really, really good. But that evidently wasn’t enough to make up for the fact that there’s very little foot traffic on that corner and virtually no parking.

My advice? If you have a favorite restaurant in Great Neck, visit it at least once a month, if not more, and tell your friends about it. And make sure you “Like” our Facebook page (just click the button to the right), as one of the things I hope to accomplish from this blog is to spread the world about all the great restaurants we have here.


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