Today’s Groupon is to Turquoise Seafood Restaurant

Today’s Groupon is to Turquoise Seafood Restaurant. It’s a good one, so jump on it quick!

I previously reviewed Turquoise back when it was across from the Great Neck train station. Since then, it’s moved to larger, brighter and much more impressive looking digs on Middle Neck Road. I’ve been wanting to go back to see if things have changed, and this Groupon will give me the perfect excuse to go again 🙂

The deal is for $49 for $100 worth of of dinner for two, or $95 for $200 worth of dinner for four. While $100 for a dinner for two may seem like a lot, if prices are like they were at the old location that should be enough for two entrees, an appetizer, and a couple of drinks.

I’ll be posting an updated review once I go. In the meantime, this Groupon is a good way for you to try it for yourself too!

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