Crave 11025 is closed…officially

In previous posts we’ve highlighted Groupons and Amazon Local deals to Crave 11025. It looked like a promising vegetarian restaurant on Middle Neck Road. Alas, according to Newsday it’s been shuttered for good.

As I mentioned back in April, I sensed things weren’t exactly right when I tried a few times to visit Crave 11025 but found the doors locked and the lights out. Strangely, there was no sign, no comment on their Facebook page, nothing. It’s a shame I never got a chance to review it, as they had a very interesing-looking brunch menu.

Anyway, if you happened, like me, to have purchased a Groupon or an Amazon Local deal, don’t worry, those companies are always very good about giving you a full refund. Just contact their customer service and tell them the place has closed. If you’d like to provide proof, just link to this article or the one on Newsday.

I wrote to Groupon to get a refund of the $25 I paid a few months ago and they refunded me quickly, no questions asked.

Anyway, we’ll see if another eatery pops up at 68 Middle Neck Road; if one does, I’ll be there 🙂

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