Today’s Groupon is to Laverne

I’ve been waiting for this one to come back for a while. Laverne (on Cuttermill Road) is offering up a Groupon where you can buy $30 of food for $15 for a meal for 2 people. If you manage to buy dinner for exactly $30 (about an entree and an appetizer), that’s 50% off your meal. There’s also the option to buy $60 of food for $30 for a meal for 4 people

To get yours, Click here.

There are a bunch of restrictions on this one. First, you need to use the Groupon within 90 days, less than most Groupons. Second, even though it’s easy for a party of 2 to eat $60 of food, don’t be tempted to buy the $60 Groupon unless you will literally have four people; chances are they won’t accept it. Third, they don’t accept it for takeout.

You can read my review of Laverne here (I noticed that they linked to both it and to my Yelp review on the Groupon page). Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the best of the best, and contrary to the Long Island Pulse says, I think they have as much chance of reaching Asian Fusion as scientists have of reaching cold fusion. Having said that, it’s certainly pretty darned good, it’s one of my go-to restaurants when I need good takeout, and it’s a definitely a nice option to have in Great Neck.

In other news, don’t forget that there’s still an active Groupon to La Bottega Mangia Bene. Put those pots and pans away and eat out all week! 🙂

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