Support Long Island Restaurants Hit By Sandy!

As I’m writing this, over 800,000 people all over Long Island are still out of power, and that includes small businesses and restaurants all over Nassau and Suffolk County. Some homes and businesses by the coastal areas have been completely wiped out. Other restaurants may have been more fortunate to survive but are facing a storm of a different kind that they’ve been facing for some time now–a sluggish economy where people are hesitant to eat out. The costs of shutting down their businesses and trying to get them back after the hurricane only make matters worse.

This is why I have a challenge to anyone reading this. As soon as they’re open again, support your local restaurants, whether they’re here in Great Neck or anywhere on Long Island. While the politicians all talk about how they’re going to be great for small businesses, the thing that’ll really help small businesses is if the public visits them. And if you’ve been eating canned food and bottled water for a while now, why not treat yourself to some hot cooked food and a glass of wine?

It so happens that next week, November 4 to 11 is Long Island Restaurant Week, where prix-fixe dinners are available for $24.95.┬áThere’s only one Great Neck restaurant, Lola, that seems to be participating, but it’s a good one. Visit their site to find a great restaurant in Long Island to visit, and be sure to support them and have a great meal at the same time. Be sure to call in advance to make sure they’re open, of course.

Great Neck seems to be marching to its own drum, so it’ll have its own Restaurant Week from November 11 to 18. Still no word on which restaurants are participating, but I’ll post the list here when I can.

Stay dry, warm, safe, and secure!

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