Get a Groupon for Ethos or La Bottega Mangia Bene on Middle Neck Road

For a very limited time It appears that we’ve got a rare Great Neck daily double on our hands. It’s not common to see one Groupon for a Great Neck restaurant, much less two at the same time.

The first came out last Friday, it’s Groupon for Ethos. There are options for 2-person dining and 4-person dining. Ethos is one of those strange places that people on Zagat seem to love and people on Yelp seem to hate. If you read my own review of Ethos, you’ll see from my last experience that I fall squarely in the middle. You kind of have to be in the mood for it, but if you are they do a pretty good job at healthy, authentic Greek fare. I’ll be back one of these days to do a follow-up review, but in the meantime, grab the Groupon to try it yourself at a pretty good price. At $17 a pop for an appetizer and an entree, what can you lose?

The second came out over the weekend and it’s a Groupon for La Bottega Mangia Bene. This is another one of those restaurants that is much, much better than the smallish crowds you see there would indicate (after giving a glowing review to the restaurant, I can only surmise that the small crowds is due to it being a bit farther from the train station and thus harder to get to). At 50% off, again it’s worth your trying.

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