Today’s Living Social Deal is for Burton and Doyle

UPDATE 6/18/2012

Missed this deal the first time around? There’s still time! Seems that Burton and Doyle are now offering the deal on LivingSocial’s Queens site now after selling a whole bunch on the Long Island site. So there’s a new URL to go to. Here it is:

Burton and Doyle deal on LivingSocial Queens

Who said life doesn’t give you second chances? I, of course, will let you know my unbiased review of Burton and Doyle as soon as I use my voucher, which of course I got already!

Burton and Doyle Steakhouse on Northern Boulevard reminds me a little of a kid with two overachieving siblings. Big brother Peter Luger has achieved fame and fortune by becoming a world-renowned celebrity, and big sister Morton’s has also achieved great things around the world. That leaves poor Burton and Doyle, who in any other town would be recognized as a standout, but who in this town seem relegated to third place status, forever in the shadow of its two overachieving siblings.

Having said that, the reviews on sites from Zagat to OpenTable to TripAdvisor are all pretty decent. Not legendary, over-the-top Peter Luger fawning, but reviews that any restaurant would be proud of.

If you’ve always wanted to try Burton and Doyle but have always seemed to veer towards the other steak houses down the road, here’s a way you can try it without breaking the bank. Living Social has a deal where you can buy a $120 voucher for $60.

Get the Burton and Doyle deal on LivingSocial

Hurry though, this won’t last very long!

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