Today’s Groupon is for Crave 11025

Deja vu all over again? Crave, the recently redesigned eatery on Middle Neck Road, has a Groupon today where you can get $40 of dinner for $20 (or $20 of lunch or breakfast for $10). So if you missed it the last time, here’s your chance.

I tried making a reservation a while back but they were closed for renovation–looks like they’re up and running now. Looking at their Menu, it looks like they have a pretty eclectic selection.

It’s kind of the anti-Luger’s, in that there’s no beef or pork on the menu, being a vegetarian restaurant (although there are veggie burgers for those who want to pretend). There is an impressive selection of Greek Salads and Italian Pastas, not to mention some absolutely mouth-watering fish dishes (when I go, I’ll be hard pressed to choose between the crusted seared tuna, the grilled branzino, or the cajun salmon).

Hurry, you only have two days to grab it!

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